Newest Prime Number Stupid Comment of the Week

Newest-PrimeAnd with a triumphant return we have my newest Stupid Comment of the Week!

There was an interesting article about how software using computer idle time is performing mathematical calculations to find prime numbers. Such software found the largest one yet back in September but news of it is being spread far and wide through the internet.

Upon reading this story a fellow named Michael Mulranen decided to post his mathematical acumen for the world to see with his comment as displayed in the image above.

Michael then went on to defend the argument with more comments! First he attacks someone who dared point out his logic was idiotic by commenting on their spelling. Then he defends his original argument.

More-prime-defenseFinally he attacks another person who told him his argument was wrong.

Congratulations, Michael. You are my Stupid Commenter of the Week!

Oh, and of course, Prime Numbers are by their nature odd numbers. Any odd number to which five is added will be an even number and therefore not prime. This was pointed out to Michael but he doesn’t want to listen.

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