Love it or Leave It – What it Really Means

america love it or leave itI was invited on a fishing trip this past weekend with a great bunch of fellows. I had an excellent time fishing (not much catching), eating, and playing a little cards and one night as we sat around one of the fellows uttered the phrase about Loving or Leaving your Country.

I was a guest and a newcomer so I didn’t say anything and the conversation did not persist. I was thinking about that statement as the night went on and the next day. I don’t like it for a number of reasons. Up until today I always argued that the Constitution of the United States is very clear that dissent is welcome. We have a number Articles and Amendments in the aforementioned document that state unequivocally that people are allowed to criticize their country, to even hate it, and express those opinions freely and without threat of arrest much less deportation.

I don’t disavow those thoughts and I think they are valid but I suddenly realized why the statement that you should love your country or leave it is so wrong.

How do we define who loves their country? That’s the question. And the answer tells us why the statement is so very wrong.

Is it someone who never criticizes their country? Then no one loves their country for we all have our complaints. Is it someone who proclaims they love their country? Then it has no meaning because anyone can say such a thing.

The reality is quite simple.

Anyone who disagrees with me about the policies of this country must not love it. Conversely, anyone who agrees with me is a patriot who loves their country.

What I’m really saying when I say love it or leave it is: Agree with me or go away, your opinion is not valid.

That statement shows a stupendous level of conceit and ego. I’m right, you’re wrong. I want anyone who doesn’t agree with me to pack up and leave the country. I want all votes to be unanimous in line with my opinion. I tolerate no dissent. I want total control.

Love it Leave it? Hardly.

Tom Liberman

5 thoughts on “Love it or Leave It – What it Really Means

  1. You seem a little confused, Tom. Part of loving our country is accepting the fact that in a Democracy you don’t always get your way. It’s not a matter of “Agree with ME or go away”, it’s “agree with US or go away”. The majority in this country have made CONSIDERABLE mistakes when it comes to policy, and will no doubt make MANY more. But we decided before this country was founded that majority rule is the best way to govern. If you would prefer to live where a minority rules, We’ll help you pack.

    • I’m not confused at all, Anna. We don’t live in a Democracy and majority doesn’t rule. Thank goodness.

      Thank you for the comment.

  2. Love it or leave it includes loving the dissent that it allows. Some have used the phrase suggesting conformity. I prefer the opposite. If you love being able to have an opinion and accepts others having an opinion, even when it differs from your own, you’ll love America. If you hate America then maybe you should find some equal minded haters to hate with.

  3. Funny because a lot of republicans seemed to not agree with the majority who voted for Obama and the 8 years he was president. Republicans pissed and moaned that whole 8 years when his numbers were great. Also just to shed more light on your ignorance claiming that Trump support is the majority lol. He only received roughly 26% of registered voters votes along with losing the oipikaf vote by almost 3 million. Claiming that is a majority is laughable at best.

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