We will soon be Immortal Giants Astride the Galaxy

galaxyWith the recent election finally ending I wanted to interject a note of madness into the many and strident conversations taking place. It just doesn’t matter. Clinton or Trump or Johnson. None can stop the storm that is coming. I see the future so clearly.

The day will soon be here when advances in medicine will make people all but immortal. Anything broken will be fixed with genetic repair done by fantastical repair cells or even more marvelous nanorobots.

Technological breakthroughs will clean the water and air.

Transportations breakthroughs will take us around the globe in a few hours.

Enormous amounts of energy will be all but free and thus the world will be green. There will be more than enough food and water for everyone. Energy not a problem? Two hydrogens and an oxygen and the world is green. No more hunger or thirst.

The religion/nation state? Gone. It’s in the last paroxysms of life. Cling to it all you want but it is a dead thing.

With abundant energy, food, and limitless health people will be free. Free to focus on their passions. Building model trains. Playing dungeons and dragons. Watching an endless stream of entertainment created by an equally endless stream of entertainers. All empowered by technology.

When no one is hungry. When no one is without shelter. When no one is mentally ill. There will be no one to hate. There will be no nations. Just groups of friends doing things they enjoy with each other.

There will be no one to build things you claim? Ha. We love to build. We love nothing more than to create and to accomplish. That is what brings us happiness. It will be a unimaginable age.

A Utopia so grand it is beyond my imagination and yet I see it. Coming, inexorably. It cannot be stopped.

We will be immortal giants astride the galaxy.

The pain you feel at an election loss is a grain of sand in your shoe. The joy you feel at an election win is a pleasant wind on a warm day. They are nothing. Soon you will see. Soon you will know.

Your children will laugh at your foolishness but love you all the same.

Tom Liberman

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