Rachel Lehnardt – Mom has sex with 18 Year old – Who Cares?

rachel-lehnardtAny sex story that involves a woman with younger men immediately garners headline attention and I’m not opposed to having a minimum age for consensual sex but why is it a crime if the boy involved was passed that age?

In this case a woman named Rachel Lehnardt had sex with an eighteen year old boy and apparently allowed her sixteen year old daughter and friends to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana in her home. Lehnardt has had her other children taken from her by the state of Georgia and is being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allowing people to drink in her home.

Lehnardt denies allowing anyone to drink in her home although apparently admitted to her Alcoholic’s Anonymous sponsor that she did engage in sexual acts with several boys over the age of 18. Who cares? Apparently everyone because the comment sections are filled with horror and outrage at her behavior.

Personally I have no problem with a parent who allows their child to drink alcohol in moderation at home. I certainly sipped beer and drank wine in my household from a young age. What is freedom if we cannot have sex with other adults no matter the age difference? What is freedom if we cannot allow our own children to have alcohol in our own homes.

The only possible criminal activity I see here is the allegation that she allowed minors not her own child to drink alcohol in her home. If we’re going to charge every person who is under 21 with possession of alcohol or marijuana I guess our jails just aren’t full enough with people who committed nonsense crimes.

It’s not like she forced these kids to drink. They drank because they wanted to drink. The boys had sex with her because, gosh, people like sex.

The state has taken her four children from her. Do we think placing them in foster care is really to their benefit?

Lehnardt admits a problem with alcohol and is in treatment. That’s where her sponsor ratted her out for being honest about what was going on in her life.

This is one where I know outraged moralists are going to yell at me and tell me how wrong I am. How the state must “save” those poor children from their evil and out of control mother.

I completely disagree. If she wants to let her kid drink at her home she should be allowed to do so. If she wants to have sex with people who are passed the age of legal consent then more power to her. Freedom means being free, not being free to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

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10 thoughts on “Rachel Lehnardt – Mom has sex with 18 Year old – Who Cares?

  1. The AA sponsor didn’t ” rat her out” – she reported a crime. The fact that you support this behavior is a clear reflection of your own misguided parenting.

    • The “crime” had already been reported after the emergency custody hearing in which the young woman lost custody of her children due to her drunken behavior at the party and the AA sponsor was aware that the police were already investigating the sponsee regarding the incident. What the sponsor did was despicable, not only because she betrayed AA traditions by disclosing a confidential conversation between herself and her sponsee and broke her anonymity, but because she climbed up on her moral high horse, judged the young woman, and now is pathetically trying to wrap her motives in virtue. The sponsor owes AA and this young woman a HUGE amends.

  2. We should all hear the 5th step of this saintly piece of sh*t sponsor Heidi Amirault. I’m sure there is nothing naughty on that 5th step. WRONG! I know AA doesn’t throw members out, but they should make an exception for her. This is the type of crap that scares people away from AA. This Heidi b*tch needs her anonymity broken, so people know to avoid her.

  3. if a father taught his 16 year old daughter how to give blowjobs and masturbated in front of her how would you be reacting right now?

    • I’m not sure what that question has to do with anything in this story but I’d largely say it was highly inappropriate but not necessarily a reason for government intervention.

  4. What Rachel did is not ok but what Heidi did is so much worse. The number of people who will be affected doing their Step 5 after reading this would be substantial. Clearly Heidi has no understanding off AA and maybe she should of kept going with her own step work and learnt humility and not to judge. It’s repulsive. Here’s hoping one day she truly sees herself and her actions clearly. It would be wise for anyone to give this ‘sponsor’ (snigger) a wide wide berth.

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