The Hammer of Fire Cover – Step 4

This is the second to last step in the cover of my new novel, The Hammer of Fire.

The cover is by Raro who also did the cover for my second book, The Staff of Sakatha.

My stalwart editor and proof-reader, mom, is 75% done with her work and I’m about half way through translating her changes to the final product. I’m still on schedule for a release late this month but it might slip a week into next month depending on if mom has time to proof.

Tom LibermanSword and Sorcery fantasy with a Libertarian Twist

Hammer of Fire Final ColorHammer of Fire
Hammer of Fire First Sketch

Hammer of Fire Update

I took a day off from posting because my fanatic week kind of ran out of steam and I didn’t have another topic that I felt too strongly about. I thought I’d fill the gap with progress on my third novel, The Hammer of Fire. I managed to finish about half of the rewrite and my proofreader has started on the first few chapters.

My cover art from Raro is coming along very nicely. He had a different vision for one part of it but I really like what he has done. I’ll probably post a series of pictures as it is coming along for all to see. I’m amazed by how an artist turns a paragraph I wrote into a sketch and then into an amazing image. It’s a talent I do not have.

I’m pretty excited with the rewrite as several characters are really getting their voice. I find in my original rough draft that all the characters start to sound like me but as I do the rewrite I move more quickly through the book and get a sense of each character’s inner workings.

To give a little teaser I’ve included the first rough sketch of the cover. You’ll be amazed as it takes shape!

Tom Liberman
Sword and Sorcery fantasy with a Libertarian Twist