Censorship by Country

The recent trend towards selective censorship on Twitter and Blogging is an interesting phenomenon that has many people quite upset. I don’t think it’s such a simple thing to parse but I’ll give it try today. I don’t want to talk about the various pieces of legislation moving through the United States Congress but instead the self-imposed […]

The Hays Code and its Effect on Strong Women in Hollywood

Way back in 1934 Hollywood Instituted the Hays Code which had a deleterious effect on the portrayal of Strong Women in Hollywood that seems to have lasted almost to present times. A while back, I wrote about the demise of the Hays Code but I didn’t examine its long-lasting negative impact on strong women at […]

Fellatio, Homosexual Couples, SodaStream, and the Super Bowl

I wrote earlier last week that Fox Network refused to air an advertisement from a company that sells soda making equipment because it referenced rivals Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They didn’t give any explanation as to why they refused to air the ad but the assumption is that they didn’t want to offend two of their […]

Scarlett Johansson and the Banned Phrase

Super Bowl 48 (yes, I wrote 48, not LXVIII) is fast approaching and that means it is time for advertising executives to get their game face on. I suppose the players need to prep as well. There’s an interesting controversy that gives me the opportunity to write a blog about Scarlett Johansson, football, capitalism, and […]

The End of Print

I was one of the first converts to eReaders using Microsoft Reader and their proprietary .lit format. It still works and thanks to a wide variety of free eBooks I’ve accumulated a fairly good library. I also stopped reading newspapers quite a few years ago choosing to get my information online. So, maybe I’m not the most objective person […]