Woke Sexual Assault on The Nevers

What Happened Our drunken protagonist, Amalia, walks up onto the stage, grabs the lute player’s instrument and kisses him violently while grabbing his genitalia with her free hand and violently stroking him. Yep, that’s sexual assault. She then breaks the presumably expensive musical instrument over the head of another patron who had the temerity to […]

Batwoman Criticism Legitimate or anti-Woke Propaganda?

The second season of Batwoman on The CW is getting universally bad reviews for any number of reasons but is any of it simply anti-Woke backlash? What makes this interesting for me is that I’m just about ready to write a negative review about Miss Scarlett and the Duke which also includes a Woke objective. […]

Are the Ruby Rose Accusations Delusional?

Model turned actress Ruby Rose performed as the lead for the first season of Warner Bros. Television version of Batwoman. She left the show after that season and recently made serious accusations against other actors, the production staff, and the crew. Ruby Rose claims both her serious injuries and another’s occurred on set because of […]

Norway Beach Handball Team Insane Fine

Mandatory Bikini Uniform As difficult to believe as you might find it, the Norway beach handball team paid a fine of almost $1,800 for wearing shorts to their match instead of bikini bottoms. I mean, seriously? The European Handball Federation (EHF) stipulates women beach handball players must wear a uniform including bikini bottoms and sports […]

All Creatures Great and Small versus Miss Scarlet

The PBS shows All Creatures Great and Small and Miss Scarlet wrapped up this weekend and their run gives me a chance to speak on their relative merits. I think a fair analysis of the two shows is in order because Miss Scarlet clearly has a Woke Agenda while All Creatures Great and Small displays […]

Misleading Headline – Bill Walton calls Michael Jordan Average

I woke up this morning to find an no-brainer addition to my misleading headline of the week collection. Bill Walton thinks Michael Jordan was just an Average Athlete blare the headlines from stories across the sporting world. Anyone who follows basketball knows that Jordan is arguably the greatest player in the history of the National Basketball Association […]

Oscar Pistorius – Why a Trial when he’s Guilty?

When I got up this morning and looked at ESPN3 to see if there are any upcoming events available I noted that the Oscar Pistorius trial is being broadcast live. Cases like this make me think about the purpose of laws, trials, and the nature of justice. Before I get into my thoughts I’ll recap […]