Rich Give Almost Fifteen Billion in Charity Despite Crony Capitalism

The nation’s top fifty donors scraped up $14.7 billion to give to a charity this past year. What sort of things are the rich trying to do with their money? How can we encourage them to give more? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation alone donated $4.8 billion to charity organizations with a large hunk […]

Crony Capitalism and the Abrams Tank

There was a story this morning on Yahoo about how Congress was pushing purchases for more of the United State’s main battle tank, the M1 Abrams. When I got back from the gym today I had a difficult time finding the story which means it didn’t garner much interest from the clicking audience. The reason: Republicans have […]

Crony Capitalism

Crony Capitalism

The topic for today is something called crony capitalism which is destroying free enterprise. The basic idea of capitalism is that free markets provide the best economic model for the growth of a nation. There are a lot variables within capitalism but at its most fundamental it is an idea that includes private ownership and production, wages […]

Sandwich Dispute Illustrates the Demise of Capitalism

The demise of capitalism in the United States is amply illustrated by a lawsuit that took place back in 2006 in the state of Massachusetts between Panera Bread Company and Qdoba Mexican Grill. I came across this horrific little story while perusing Wikipedia’s Sandwich entry. The sandwich, you might ask? A lawsuit? Sadly, yes. There […]

Missouri Jumps in on the Tesla Anti-Capitalism Ban

I’m ashamed to say my own home state of Missouri has just jumped onto the anti-capitalism bandwagon and in the sleaziest, most deceitful, crony-capitalistic way imaginable. I’ve written a couple of blog posts about how state legislators are protecting those that pay for their campaigns by passing laws to prevent Tesla from selling automobiles directly […]

Kansas and the Anti-Google Bill – Capitalism at its Finest

I’ve been railing against Crony Capitalism on this blog for about as long as I’ve been writing it. There are any number of instances where a business decides that the best way to get a bigger market share is to bribe legislatures to pass laws destroying their competition. There’s an blatant case of this going […]

Butt Hurt Liberal Politicians Punish Meanie Disney

There’s a small story in the news about the liberal politicians of Florida using their power to punish a corporation for saying mean things about a law they passed. These liberal politicians think it’s the job of government to punish anyone who dares criticize their policies. In this case a private company, Disney, in a […]

The Unwanted Shake Shack Government Loan

What does it tell you a Shake Shack Government Loan was returned? For a lot of people, it’s a gesture of goodwill by Shake Shack to the other small businesses that need the money more. That’s not the way this anti-government Libertarian sees it. The Shake Shack Government Loan was simply a way to make […]

Why is Human Composting Illegal in the First Place?

The State of Washington is poised to make Human Composting legal. Human Composting is a method of disposing of a corpse by simply covering it with compostable materials where it is broken down over the course of a month or two. The process is currently illegal in most states and this Libertarian asks the obvious […]

Why Does the Justice Department Care about the Academy Awards?

The United States Justice Department just warned the Motion Picture Academy that a proposed rule change about eligibility to receive Academy Awards might result in Anti-Trust legal ramifications. Really? This is what the Justice Department of the United States of America is spending their time doing? Threatening award ceremonies about how they decide eligibility? I’ll […]

Why the Government should not Ground 737 MAX Planes

The Federal Aviation Administration, at the behest of President Trump, has grounded Boeing 737 MAX airplanes because of two accidents over the last five months involving such planes. There is not yet evidence to suggest the crashes are related to one another or a problem with the plane but the public perception is that there […]

Should We Tax Sugar to Reduce Obesity?

A new study suggests taxing sugar is a far better way to control the enormous cost associated with unhealthy citizens of the United States than product specific taxes. I have no problem with the conclusion of the study, it’s most likely correct even though it is based on simple economic models rather than actual implementations. […]

Hotel Lobbyist Set out to Destroy Expedia and Priceline

Hotel Lobbyist are trying to destroy competitors with good old American Ingenuity, Twenty-First Century style. In the old days, we made better products. Today we simply lobby Congress to legislate our rivals out of existence. Do you like booking your travel adventures through sites like Expedia or Priceline? If you do then you are one […]

Corruption Wins – Supreme Court Vacates Bob McDonnell Case

An interesting corruption case has been slowly moving through the court system here in the United States. The Supreme Court rendered their decision in June of this year. The former Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell and his wife received gifts, trips, loans, and other items from a lobbyist of a pharmaceutical company. During oral arguments […]

Government to Regulate e-Cigarettes but Why?

Electronic Cigarettes burst onto the market in 2004 and now the government plans to regulate them in the same way they do traditional tobacco products. This despite the fact that e-cigarettes don’t use tobacco. Today I’d like to address an issue slightly deeper than just this particular piece of legislation which was announced in 2014 […]