Jail for Baptizing Baby Misleading Headline

The headline reads: North Carolina mother jailed for baptizing 2-year-old daughter. The reality is quite different. Kendra Stocks was jailed for violating a court order that gave the baby’s father final say in legal custody decisions including those of a religious nature. Stocks was specifically told by the judge not to have the Baptism without the […]

Early Morning Exercise Bad for You Misleading Headline

How Waking Up Early in the morning could be Counterproductive blares the misleading headline from PopSugar. Yeah, well, what they mean is not getting enough sleep is unhealthy. Duh. Exercise has nothing to do with the problem. The idea is that people get up early to exercise and this cuts into their regular sleep schedule. […]

Josh Rosen Disses Alabama Misleading Headline

The Headline Screams: UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosen: Raise the SAT Requirement at Alabama and See what kind of team they have. It seems like if you use a direct quote from someone it can’t possibly be a misleading headline but that’s exactly what happened in this case. What Rosen was talking about is the terrible […]

Jordan Spieth – Tiger Woods Misleading Headline

This one is a doozy! Jordan Spieth tees off on Tiger Woods in Epic Shade Throwing reads the completely false and malicious headline from Sportsnaught and Vincent Frank. Clickbait at its absolute worst. Not only does the headline make it appear as if Spieth said something nasty about Tiger Woods but the article pretty much matches […]

Sotomayor and Scalia Misleading Headline

Ah, one has to love those misleading headlines. This one involves Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and former Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away early in 2016. The headline intimates that Sotomayor was so angry at Scalia that she wanted to hit him with a baseball bat. Those are the words she uses but the […]

Saban Blames USC for Problems Misleading Headline

Technically the headline from For the Win at USA Today was accurate but I’m going to go ahead and call it my Misleading Headline of the Week anyway. Nick Saban blames USC for heated exchange between Alabama players reads the headline. The implication is that the head coach of Alabama was accusing the players of […]

Maternal Deaths in Childbirth Rising in USA Misleading Headline

I’m not sure if I’d call it a misleading headline so much as a clickbait sensational headline but Vox splashes the following headline: More and more women are now dying in childbirth, but only in America. The story, written by Sarah Frostenson, is quite informative and interesting. The headline leaves it up to the imagination […]

President’s Daughter Caught Flashing – Misleading Headline

We have a winner. Paula Bolyard from Lifestyle Magazine wrote a hit article about Malia Obama attending the Lollapalooza music festival. The headline writer picked up on the general nastiness in the article and wrote the following headline. Malia Obama Caught on Video Twerking and Flashing the Crowd at Lollapalooza Malia did attend the event and was […]

Nintendo Shares Plummet – Misleading Headline

The New York Post wins the Misleading Headline of the Week contest with this doozy. Nintendo shares plummet on fears Pokémon GO is worthless It’s true the stock did drop 18% but only after an initial run-up of 122% after the wildly successful Pokemon Go game was introduced. It’s a very natural bubble. People saw the […]

Radishes Grown on Mars – Martian Soil – Martian Like Soil – Misleading Headline

Scientists are About to Eat Radishes Grown in Martian Soil blares the headline. The implication is that we’ve grown Radishes on Mars or at the very least that we have Martian soil here on Earth that we used to grow some radishes. The reality, not so much. The radishes were grown in a nutrient poor […]

Shania Clifford Bumped from Competition – Misleading Headline

I just read an interesting story that is generating lots of outrage based on, in my opinion, a misleading headline. A young woman named Shania Clifford from Scioto, Ohio was the first of her gender to win the SkillsUSA Ohio masonry competition. She was then bumped from the competition as the headline blares: First female […]

Cheerleaders Distracting Misleading Headline

Two of my favorite things, misleading headlines and sports, came together the other day and that makes me happy. In a football game between Toledo and Central Michigan the referee felt the need to admonish the Central Michigan cheerleaders for distracting the Toledo team as they neared the Central Michigan end zone. Both the headline and […]

Sharks Swim in Boiling Water – Misleading Headline

I’ve been derelict in my Misleading Headline duties for a few weeks, finishing up The Girl in Glass I: Apparition taking priority but I’m back with a doozy. It’s Shark Week on Discovery and that brings any story on sharks out of the woodwork and into the headlines. Amazing footage of sharks swimming in boiling […]