Iranian Women Chess players and Subtle Misogyny

A subtle version of misogyny is on display in news stories about Iranian Women chess players. I’ve written about the subtleties of racism previously and today I take on a similar topic. Just because something is misogynistic doesn’t mean it’s obvious or even an intentional act. Let’s examine stories making the rounds about Iranian women […]

Vishy Anand Shows a Chess Cheater Real Class

What Happened Chess India hosted a charity event, Checkmate Covid, to help those suffering from the results of Covid-19. In it a variety of celebrities played former World Champion Viswanathan, affectionately called Vishy by his many fans, Anand in a simultaneous exhibition. One of those pitted against Vishy Anand was billionaire Nikhil Kamath. Kamath played […]

Watching People Argue in a Chess Chat

Chess Chat is as filled with acrimonious debate as any political forum and, while watching the first round of the Norway Chess Tournament an instructive moment occurred which I will wax on about today. Don’t be too distressed, the topic isn’t primarily chess, or chess chat, it’s how to have a productive debate. In this […]

Thinking for Yourself in Chess and Life

I was on Lichess watching the Magnus Carlsen v. Hikaru Nakamura match of the Magnus Chess Tour Finals when an interesting example of thinking for yourself, and the benefits therein, presented itself. It is often suggested thinking for yourself is better; but if someone else does the thinking for you, and always gives you good […]

Chess versus Islam

I read a story from the Associated Press about a Twitter war that is raging because a prominent Saudi Arabian, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdelaziz Al Sheikh, declared that Muslims should not play chess. No big deal? Just some religious kook making an outlandish statement? I disagree. For Al Sheikh to make this statement there is clearly […]

Internet Chess and How to Improve your Life

 You wouldn’t think that playing internet chess would give insight into a better way to lead your life but that’s exactly what happened to me when I started to play. I’ve discovered that diversity and balance improve life and I’ll tell you why. I played chess as a young lad. My father taught me the […]

Is Hans Cheating a Predetermined Result

Is Hans cheating? That question continues to roil the chess world, and beyond. Ever since Magnus Carlsen formally made an accusation that’s been speculated in the chess circles for over a year, it’s been a major news story. Is Hans Cheating? It’s not the question I will answer today. Sorry. I’d like to discuss the […]

Daniil Dubov Works with Magnus Carlsen and Causes Uproar

Chess talent Daniil Dubov is from Russia. In the recent World Chess Championship, the reigning champion, Magnus Carlsen, played challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi. Nepo, as he is generally called, is from Russia while Carlsen is from Norway. After the match concluded, with Carlsen’s fourth title defense and fifth overall championship, the champ revealed his team which […]

Magnus Carlsen Leads by Example

Magnus Carlsen Shows Up for Consolation Match Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion, was defeated by Jan-Krzysztof Duda in a hotly contested semi-final match in the Chess World Cup that came down to tie-breaks. Because of this Carlsen found himself in the position of playing a third-place consolation match against Vladimir Fedoseev. Not only did […]

Why the Simp Shamer is Worse than the Simp

What is a Simp Shamer and a Simp? A Simp is someone who donates money or other gratuities to an entertainer on streaming services like Twitch. The general term of Simp indicates a male who donates to the stream of an attractive female who then says their username in an affectionate way. The term has […]