Who Decides if there will be College Football?

Will there be college football is a question on the minds of many people these days but I have a different query. Who gets to decide if there will be college football? Coaches? Players? Politicians? The NCAA? Television networks? College administrations? My question is not an easy one to answer because how far the tendrils […]

Capitalism Changed the Name of the Washington Football Team

Make no mistake about it, capitalism changed the name of the Washington football team; not outraged Native Americans, not laws passed by politicians, not do-gooders. It was capitalism, pure and simple and that’s a good thing. By now most sports fans, and plenty of those who are not, are aware Daniel Snyder, owner of the […]

Tuscaloosa Police Dept Pays $500,000 in Overtime to Police Alabama Football Games

There’s an interesting story out of college football involving the Alabama Crimson Tide and the fact that the local Tuscaloosa police department pays the salaries of officers providing security at football games with no reimbursement from the University of Alabama. On game days in Tuscaloosa the crowd in the stadium is larger than the entire […]

Is the Chelsea Football Club Responsible for Fans Racism?

There’s a fairly big story making the news in the Barclays Premier League this week. After a game between Chelsea and the French Paris St. Germain club fans from Chelsea refused to allow a black French-Mauritian man to board the train while making racist chants. The man wasn’t a football (soccer for my U.S. friends) fan at […]

Trail of Tears Football Banner – Opportunity Knocks

There’s an interesting story making the news rounds about a high-school football team that used what is called a break-through banner which taunted their foes using the term Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears refers to the events surrounding the 1830 Indian Removal Act in which many Native Americans were forcefully removed from their […]

Youth Football and Gambling

There’s an interesting case breaking right now in Southern Florida involving youth football and gambling rings. It’s a poorly written article with an obvious bias but the story itself evokes several interesting questions. In this case a group of coaches set gambling lines for youth football games in South Florida. This area of the country is […]

St. Louis Rams Football Fortunes

I’ve been blogging about critical thinking, disasters, personal responsibility, and other topics the last couple of days so I thought I’d take on something important this time … my beloved St. Louis Rams! You can stop laughing now … no … I’m serious … this isn’t a joke … that is to say the blog […]

Johnny Manziel Misleading Headline

I admit it, I clicked on the Johnny Manziel Misleading Headline. It’s one of those Misleading Headlines that isn’t overtly deceitful but is designed to lure the unsuspecting news junky. The Football World reacts to the Johnny Manziel News is the wording and, if you know anything about the mercurial life of Manziel, you might […]

Jacksonville Strippers and the Case Justice Ginsburg will Never Hear

There’s an interesting legal case involving Jacksonville Strippers and I thought with the news of Justice Ginsburg’s passing it would be something that might interest her and certainly does me. In Florida a new law prevents Jacksonville strippers from being under the age of 21 in clubs that do not serve alcohol. This city ordinance […]

Yale University Admissions show the Difficulty of Proving Discrimination

The Department of Justice recently filed suit against Yale University for discriminating against Caucasian and Asian students. It’s going to be just as difficult to prove this discrimination as it is to prove against companies that refuse to hire black or homosexual candidates. This is where government intervention often appears to be a force of […]