Online Gambling Arrests and the Victimless Crime

A twenty month investigation by Federal Agents and New York State law enforcement has resulted in the arrests of seventeen people across three states for running an online gambling ring. Don’t we all feel safe now? The argument against this sort of behavior being criminal resides around what is commonly referenced as a Victimless Crime. […]

$10 Billion Gambling Loss?

This week’s misleading headline isn’t particularly egregious in nature and anyone with a modicum of sense knew that the headline was steering people in the wrong direction even before clicking the story. Still, I picked it today because it is a classic example of someone writing a misleading headline to attract viewers when I think […]

If you Know the Outcome it’s not Gambling – Atlantic City Casino Case

I just read an incredibly interesting legal story from the Associated Press about a case that happened in Atlantic City a little over two years ago. A group of gamblers was playing the game of Baccarat at a table in Atlantic City when they noticed that the cards were coming out of the deck in original […]

Youth Football and Gambling

There’s an interesting case breaking right now in Southern Florida involving youth football and gambling rings. It’s a poorly written article with an obvious bias but the story itself evokes several interesting questions. In this case a group of coaches set gambling lines for youth football games in South Florida. This area of the country is […]

The Vulnerability of the Faithful to Scams

With Covid-19 spreading around the United States and the rest of the world I wanted to address a topic that has long been on my radar, the vulnerability of the faithful to scams. People of deep religious convictions are considered faithful. This means they believe in their deity without proof, I do not mean to […]

United States Government now a Sopranos Associate

With this latest, and unstoppable, economic bailout the United States now officially declares itself a Sopranos Associate. The government currently owes $22 trillion and, with the stimulus package in the works, that number is going to rise more rapidly that in any time in the history of the country. What you have to understand is […]

Government Responsibility for Fake Coronavirus Cures

Coronavirus, Covid-19, is big news around the world these days and I like to examine what responsibility government has to protect citizens from the plethora of fake Coronavirus cures that are being promulgated far and wide. As a Libertarian I don’t think the government has much responsibility in protecting us from ourselves. I oft rail […]

Nello Bans Single Women from the Bar Illustrating Compound Stupidity

There’s a news story making the rounds about an upscale restaurant in New York City called Nello which has instituted a policy wherein they have banned single women from sitting at the bar. Such women must sit at a table. It’s a double-dipping, moronic, Libertarian Triggering, nightmare of epic proportions! The reason for the new […]

DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship Mayhem

During the recent DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship held in New Jersey an interesting situation involving computer technology is causing a bit of a fuss and I find the whole thing very interesting from a legal, sports, and Libertarian perspective. Recently the Supreme Court ruled the prohibition against sports betting was unconstitutional and the various […]

Gamblers Lose Willingly and Kentucky Wins Legally

An astonishing case just reached its first stop when Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate ruled that the state of Kentucky can claim triple $290 million dollars in gambling losses of residents between 2006 and 2011. For a period  of time a company called Poker Stars offered internet gambling across the United States. In 2006 a […]

New York Outlaws Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports is a quickly growing industry wherein people pick athletes in an attempt to win cash. They are an offshoot of Rotisserie or Fantasy Sports leagues which have been around for quite some time. The New York attorney general has now said they are illegal within that state. Eric Schneiderman draws a distinction between […]