Vaginal Rejuvenation, Chipotle Gift Cards, Ginger-less Ginger Ale, and Critical Thinking

A plethora of news stories in recent days reminded me why I’m of the opinion that the solutions to many of the problems we face today lies in teaching Critical Thinking skills from an early age. Solutions will never come from government warnings and the illusion we are safe because of such intervention does more […]

Great Pyramid of Giza and Critical Thinking

The pyramids of Egypt are in the news lately for a couple of reasons and it gives me the opportunity to discuss the nature of critical thinking. Of course I’ll take it! The first story involves a new chamber being found in the tomb of Tutankahmun. The second story involves presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s assertion […]

UFO Sightings from a Critical Thinking Perspective

It seems like every few months or so there are reports of Unidentified Flying Objects in the news and that these reports are generally associated with alien visitations. There were recently such reports from multiple sources across California and in reading the comments I was struck by how many people had their own story to tell. In […]

Anti-Hate Hate Critical Thinking Fail

It’s time for another installment of my Critical Thinking Fail series! This article came across my screen today and I immediately realized it had to come into my blog. Basically the idea is that a group dedicated to opposing fascist and neo-nazis decided it would be a good idea to attack a group they suspected […]

Critical Thinking Fail – Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

I originally hoped that I wouldn’t have to post critical thinking fail articles frequently but, in all honesty, I find that I have to use restraint lest I pester you even more than normal. But, I couldn’t stop myself when I read about VHEM. Never heard of it? Neither had I. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. […]

Critical Thinking Fail – Apple Factories

Here is the second in my Critical Thinking Fail series. I just read this article at Yahoo about a story that broke last January on the radio show This American Life. In it a man named Mike Daisy made some pretty serious allegations about the condition of the factory workers in China working on Apple products. […]

Critical Thinking Fail – The Curve Ball

I pretty frequently come across an article where I see a failure in critical thinking skills. I don’t think there is really enough to write an entire topic about the article but I want to call attention to it so I’ve decided to start a Critical Thinking Fail series. I’ll basically post the article whenever […]

Critical Race Theory and Teacher Resignations

The Resignations Critical Race Theory is in the news these days and an interesting situation regarding teachers resigning because of this issue piqued my interest. It’s not the resigning itself that I find interesting but those who support or denounce those doing so. The political divide on the issue of Critical Race Theory is relatively […]

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power – from a Critical Point of View

Nuclear power is a controversial topic to be certain. In the next couple of days I’m going to try and look at the arguments for and against while applying my critical thinking skills to the debate. I think first we have to actually define what nuclear power means. There are a lot of misconceptions and the […]

Does a Bad Link make a Difference?

I just witnessed a fascinating instance involving a bad link and a series of comments. One of my Facebook friends spotted what she presumably thought an interesting article and clicked the link. It went to a story about a completely different topic. She then pointed out not a single person, other than her, noticed the […]

When is a Breakthrough not a Breakthrough

I’m a bit of a buff when it comes to nuclear energy and a recent story racing through the internet involves a breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion. I’m not going to get into a highly technical discussion about Nuclear Fusion or even the details of this particularly breakthrough. If you want to know more then please […]

Gambling is a Problem for a Libertarian

I’ve written on the topic of gambling numerous times over the years and generally from the perspective of a Libertarian. That is to say, it’s your money and how you choose to spend it is up to you. That being said, I’ve seen the destructive potential inherent in gambling from when I worked in the […]

Is Hans Cheating a Predetermined Result

Is Hans cheating? That question continues to roil the chess world, and beyond. Ever since Magnus Carlsen formally made an accusation that’s been speculated in the chess circles for over a year, it’s been a major news story. Is Hans Cheating? It’s not the question I will answer today. Sorry. I’d like to discuss the […]

The Pump and Dump Suicide of Gustavo Arnal

An alleged Pump and Dump scheme led the Chief Financial Officer of Bed, Bath & Beyond, Gustavo Arnal, to kill himself by leaping from a New York Skyscraper. This suicide is a symptom of an untrustworthy market environment destroying lives all across this country, and not just for CFOs like Gustavo Arnal. Heavily involved in […]

Is Monetization in Diablo Immortal Fixable?

There’s a new mobile game on the market called Diablo Immortal and it’s generating a huge amount of hate in the gaming world. Diablo Immortal uses something called monetization as a method to generate revenue. The game is free to play. Anyone can download it and start playing immediately. The makers of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard […]

Two-hundred Thousand Dead is Victory

Many people are denouncing that the United States has reached two-hundred thousand dead from Covid-19 or complications from the disease. I see it differently. Victory. Two-hundred thousand dead is a milestone in the triumph of faith over science, of the ends justify the means, of confirmation bias, and of blind obedience over critical thinking. Congratulations […]