Why the Simp Shamer is Worse than the Simp

What is a Simp Shamer and a Simp? A Simp is someone who donates money or other gratuities to an entertainer on streaming services like Twitch. The general term of Simp indicates a male who donates to the stream of an attractive female who then says their username in an affectionate way. The term has […]

The Story of Mike Mariana and Trials of Osiris might make you a Libertarian

You probably haven’t heard of a video game called Destiny, an excellent player of the game named DrLupo, or a dedicated but average skilled player named Mike Mariana who recently died. That’s too bad. One of the main concepts of Libertarianism is people of like interests gathering and doing what they enjoy without interference. The […]

Epic Games Suing Stream Snipers for Cheating at Fortnite Battle Royale

There is an interesting situation in the video game world in that a company called Epic Games is suing players of their game, Fortnite Battle Royale, for cheating. What’s that you say, video games and the law colliding? Have I died and fallen into the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? It’s time for […]

Online Poker is a Life of Hard Work and Little Money – so Why do it?

I’ve been watching people play poker on twitch.tv lately it’s got me thinking about some things. I started watching a fellow named Jason Somerville and then also began to follow two other players, Lex Veldhuis and Parker Talbot. All three are extraordinarily good players and also entertaining personalities who explain their decisions in an informative way. Somerville […]

Competitive Gaming is Cool – No Matter what Colin Cowherd Says

I’m sure a great number of people are not aware that something called Competitive Gaming, or eSports, is becoming a major sporting industry. In a recent interview an ESPN commentator named Colin Cowherd said some fairly nasty things about people who participate in eSports, and by association those who watch them. The rise of eSports […]

Home Team Blackouts

It was a happy day for me when my Uverse was finally installed after much bickering with AT&T. I gave up my television years ago and streaming sports on ESPN3 was choppy and Hulu television troublesome on my old DSL connection. My beloved World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals are in Spring Training as I […]


Activism for the Inactive

Or … how I eased my conscience by curing cancer, stopping child molestation, bringing down a brutal dictator, and wishing my mom happy birthday all in less than thirty seconds. While having a delicious burger and fries from Five Guys and Fries with a young co-worker the conversation drifted to his social media inundation with promotions […]

You can do Anything if You Set your Mind to it

The final day of my weeklong attack against Facebook Platitudes has arrived and I like to think I’ve save the best, and by that I mean most egregious, for last. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. I can do no better than to quote the magnificent Penn Jillette, “Eat the […]