Gold Trade Spike and Conspiracy Theories

Something interesting happened in the gold, or bullion, market when someone traded over 18,000 lots and sent the price down by 1.6% in about a minute. This sort of volatility is unusual but had no long-lasting ramifications. When I read comments on the story I was struck by the fact almost immediately the most suggested […]

Police Contrived Conspiracy against Douglas Dendinger

I read a lot of stories about abuse of power from law enforcement officials in the news these days but this one ranks near the top. A fellow named Douglas Dendinger served a summons concerning a police brutality case involving his nephew. The police officer, two prosecutor, the police chief, and three other witnesses described the handing over of […]

Haim Eshed says Aliens waiting for Sane and Understanding

There’s a story making the rounds about a fellow named Haim Eshed who says aliens are waiting to disclose themselves to the people of earth until we are sane and understanding. He makes a number of other claims and his credentials are being touted as the former head of the Israeli Space Security program although […]

Two-hundred Thousand Dead is Victory

Many people are denouncing that the United States has reached two-hundred thousand dead from Covid-19 or complications from the disease. I see it differently. Victory. Two-hundred thousand dead is a milestone in the triumph of faith over science, of the ends justify the means, of confirmation bias, and of blind obedience over critical thinking. Congratulations […]

Pizzagate Chuck E. Cheese Style

Chuck E. Cheese is the center of a new conspiracy hypothesis making the rounds all over the internet thanks to popular YouTube personality, Shane Dawson. The basic idea is Chuck E. Cheese employees are putting together leftover slices from various tables, reheating them, and then serving them as a new pizza. The evidence for this […]

Vaginal Rejuvenation, Chipotle Gift Cards, Ginger-less Ginger Ale, and Critical Thinking

A plethora of news stories in recent days reminded me why I’m of the opinion that the solutions to many of the problems we face today lies in teaching Critical Thinking skills from an early age. Solutions will never come from government warnings and the illusion we are safe because of such intervention does more […]

Pizzagate, Media Accountability, Personal Responsibility

Twitter, Fake News, Facebook, Mainstream Media, Conspiracy Theory, Alt-Right, BLM, Obama, Trump, and on and on. What is real news? What is fake news? What is partially real news? What is mostly real news with a few fake facts. What is a mistake? What is mostly fake news with a few real facts? Crazy people […]

Anarchy is an Unmoderated Forum

Now that I’ve joined a public Libertarian community I find myself in debates with Anarchists. As I’ve stated before; I’m of the opinion the choice is not between Government and Non-Government but between limited government and a totalitarian state. That Anarchy inevitably falls to a Cult of Personality and eventually a dictatorship. Today I use an Unmoderated […]

Is the Chelsea Football Club Responsible for Fans Racism?

There’s a fairly big story making the news in the Barclays Premier League this week. After a game between Chelsea and the French Paris St. Germain club fans from Chelsea refused to allow a black French-Mauritian man to board the train while making racist chants. The man wasn’t a football (soccer for my U.S. friends) fan at […]

Despicable banks, Greedy Business, Palin, and Tesla Crash

I’ve been working on my next novel quite a bit and haven’t done a Stupid or Misleading Headline in over a week so I thought I’d just do a quick perusal of the hot news stories to see if I could find anything worthy. Yep. Here’s a group of four to excite your fancy if […]

Worst Call of the Season – Misleading Headline of the Week

It’s only Sunday and I’ve got an entire week of Motley Fool articles ahead of me, but I got suckered in by a misleading headline just now and I can’t stop myself from reporting its existence to my loyal fans. Worst Call of the Season – This Horse Collar Call blares the headline on the […]