Melissa Etheridge Smoking Marijuana with Children

Singer Melissa Etheridge recently gave an interview where she talks about smoking marijuana with her two older children. The comments are predictably judgmental although there are more people defending Etheridge than I expected. Count me among them. I could make a lot of arguments comparing marijuana to alcohol. I had my first sip of beer […]

Dogs, Butter, Marijuana, the DEA, and Stupidity

The people have spoken in Colorado and Washington State in regards to making marijuana legal. Polls indicate that most people accept the idea it will eventually be legal nationally. There are those who disagree. Michele Leonhart is one of those. She heads up the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and has come up with a … well […]

Legalizing Marijuana will increase Crime – According to this article

I didn’t know if I should post this article under stupid and/or misleading headlines or just express my outrage in general. It’s one of the most irrational pieces of nonsense I’ve read in … well … days. (I read a lot of nonsense trying to find something to blog about) The headline blares: Legalizing Pot Makes […]

In Prison for Marijuana Possession – What should be done?

There’s an interesting situation arising in the United States as of Jan 1, 2014. In Colorado there are people selling and smoking marijuana legally; while figuratively looking out the windows at them are prisoners who were convicted of selling or using marijuana. Colorado is just the first state to legalize marijuana sales with Washington state […]

States versus Federal Government – Marijuana

I find one of the most interesting outcomes of the recent election to be the battle between state’s rights and federal authority. Two states brought this issue directly to a head when they voted to make marijuana legal for people over the age of 21. The great states of Colorado and Washington thumbed their nose at […]

Oregon Leads the Way on Drug Legalization

All praise Oregonians and their enlightened stance on drug legalization. Hail magnificent, glorious Oregon for defying an out of control federal government led by decree wielding autocrats issuing executive orders as a way to wage war on the citizens they perceive as the enemy. Oregon just decriminalized small amounts of cocaine, heroin, and LSD, among […]

Nello Bans Single Women from the Bar Illustrating Compound Stupidity

There’s a news story making the rounds about an upscale restaurant in New York City called Nello which has instituted a policy wherein they have banned single women from sitting at the bar. Such women must sit at a table. It’s a double-dipping, moronic, Libertarian Triggering, nightmare of epic proportions! The reason for the new […]

Punishing by Playing Antonio Callaway and Hue Jackson

There’s an interesting story making the rounds about a Cleveland Browns player named Antonio Callaway and his coach, Hue Jackson. Callaway was stopped for a traffic violation and marijuana was found in his car. Jackson decided that Callaway’s punishment should be to play almost every offensive snap in the preseason game against the New York […]

Toke Back Mountain Banned by Feds

San Francisco establishment Black Hammer Brewery has been ordered by the federal government to stop brewing Toke Back Mountain. Now, many people will look at this as a marijuana-based issue but for me it’s all about freedom and the government overstepping its authority. Toke Back Mountain beer is brewed with a hemp-derived extract known as […]

President’s Daughter Caught Flashing – Misleading Headline

We have a winner. Paula Bolyard from Lifestyle Magazine wrote a hit article about Malia Obama attending the Lollapalooza music festival. The headline writer picked up on the general nastiness in the article and wrote the following headline. Malia Obama Caught on Video Twerking and Flashing the Crowd at Lollapalooza Malia did attend the event and was […]

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead – Libertarian Movie Review

I was out and about the other night and an attractive woman sat next to me with her date. During the course of their conversation, to which I was listening vaguely, she mentioned a Christina Applegate movie about babysitting and it reminded me of an underrated gem. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s dead. So, of course, […]

Does Banning the Sale of Horns Help Rhinos?

A South African court ruled on Nov 26, 2015 that a legal market for Rhinoceros horns can be implemented. Until that ruling a moratorium placed by the South African government prevented the legal sale of the horns. Naturally those interested in saving Rhinos are horrified by this ruling. They are misguided although well-meaning. Let me […]